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                Join conditions:
                Choice is more important than hard work. With the market close at hand and the opportunities within reach, cooperation and investment promotion are starting, and we look forward to wonderful cooperation. Conditions of cooperation: Industry awareness-a deep understanding of the industry and a clear industry awareness.
                Strong vision-to cooperate with our company, have a strong sense of mutual development, in the future, we will operate our product store as the main business or cause.
                Urban advantages-the planned distribution area is a young city and an economically active city.
                Sector advantages-the planned distribution area has a booming industry-related upstream and downstream industries.
                Management experience-more than 3 years of management experience in this industry and chain franchise industry.
                Employment concept:
                Firmly believe that the value of an enterprise is created by the employees, and the personal progress of employees is closely related to the development of the enterprise. If employees are tireless, the company will thrive; if employees are determined to innovate, the company will remain vigorous. Therefore, the company regards attracting talents, making good use of talents, cultivating talents, and retaining talents as their core tasks, regards employees as the company's most precious wealth, is willing to absorb outstanding employees, and hopes that every employee will develop together with the company.

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